Sylvia Hristakeva

Assistant Professor  
UCLA Anderson School of Management 

Research Fields:
Quantitative marketing, empirical industrial organization, 


Contact: Sylvia.Hristakeva[@]anderson[dot]ucla[dot]edu

"Price dispersion and legacy discounts in the national television advertising market," with Julie Holland Mortimer, accepted for publication at Marketing Science
"Vertical contracts with endogenous product selections: an empirical analysis of vendor-allowance contracts," Journal of Political Economy, 2022 130:12, 3202-3252
"Determinants of Channel Profitability: Retailers' Control over Product Selections as Contracting Leverage," Marketing Science, 2022 41:2, 315-335
"Reduction in emergency department visits for children's asthma, ear infections, and respiratory infections after the introduction of state smoke-free legislation" (with Summer Hawkins, Mark Gottlieb, and Christopher Baum), Preventive Medicine, Vol. 89, 2016, 278-285
Working papers: 
"Grocery store closures and household nutritional choices" (with Julia Levine)
Work in progress: 
"The Role of Strategic Retail Assortment Differentiation in Brand Proliferation," with Brett Hollenbeck and Kosuke Uetake
"Bad Drug Lawsuits: How do Mass-Tort Ads affect Drug Use and Health Outcomes?"
"Investigating the effects of network-studio affiliation on TV advertising of motion pictures" (with Julie Holland Mortimer and Vladimir Pavlov)
"Working with competitors: How is client conflict shaping vertical relationships in the ad-agency market?" (with Vera Sharunova)