Sylvia Hristakeva

Assistant Professor  
UCLA Anderson School of Management 

Research Fields 
Empirical industrial organization, quantitative marketing


Contact: Sylvia.Hristakeva[@]anderson[dot]ucla[dot]com

"Vertical contracts with endogenous product selections: an empirical analysis of vendor-allowance contracts," accepted for publication at Journal of Political Economy
"Determinants of Channel Profitability: Retailers' Control over Product Selections as Contracting Leverage," Marketing Science, 2021
"Reduction in emergency department visits for children's asthma, ear infections, and respiratory infections after the introduction of state smoke-free legislation" (with Summer Hawkins, Mark Gottlieb, and Christopher Baum), Preventive Medicine, Vol. 89, 2016, 278-285
Working papers: 
"Price dispersion and legacy discounts in the national television advertising market" (with Jullie Holland Mortimer, Revise and Resubmit at Marketing Science)
"Grocery store closures and household nutritional choices" (with Julia Levine, draft available upon request)
Work in progress: 
"Investigating the effects of network-studio affiliation on TV advertising of motion pictures" (with Julie Holland Mortimer and Vladimir Pavlov)
"Working with competitors: How is client conflict shaping vertical relationships in the ad-agency market?" (with Vera Sharunova)